General info about preparation and ordering Salvia festival DVD (Updated)

Attention, please! The deadline for ordering „Salvia” DVD is prolonged until 7 December 2012! We are waiting for your orders!

Please send us the name and address of the recipient or your organisation when placing the order.

Postal address:


Hello everybody!

It has been two months since we held the “Salvia” festival. We hope that the festival was memorable and will remain in your hearts forever.

Editing the video of the festival has taken more time then we expected. We hoped to finish the video earlier but unfortunately we did not manage. Right now the video is ready; it lasts 68 minutes and 30 seconds.

What is in this video? Look! …

Now you have seen the overview of the video.

Right now we want to announce that this video is a property of the Estonian Association of the Deaf and is under copyright. You shouldn’t copy it yourselves. You can watch the video through TV, computer or laptop.

One video costs 15 euros. How to order videos? Here are two options:

  1. First recommendation – you can order one video but the postage fee will be added to the price. This makes ordering the video more expensive. But it is up to you to decide.
  2. Second recommendation – you can order several videos all together and only one postage fee will be added to the price. Afterwards you can divide the price among each other.

Please send your orders by e-mail to Tiit Papp (sorry, not Kadri Hein), here is his e-mail address:

In the order we need to see the name of the organisation or the individual, the address of recipient and the number of videos you order.

After placing the order we will make sure how much it costs to send the video(s) to you. We will send you the information as soon as possible.

You can receive the videos only after you have transferred the money to the Estonian Association of the Deaf bank account.

We are expecting your orders until 15 November. After that we let the videos copied in a company who specialises on it and send them to you by post.